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PR 94 16 Oct 2014

POA members at Ashworth, Broadmoor and Rampton to strike on 24th October 2014

The POA have called strike action for 24th October 2014 at its High Secure Psychiatric hospitals after its membership voted overwhelmingly to take action at Ashworth, Broadmoor and Rampton in relation to the Coalition Government failing to fulfil the NHS Pay Review Body recommendations.

The POA membership were balloted on strike action where 78% of its members voted in favour of such action. Further, 91.3% of members voted for action short of strike action.

The strike will be between 7.00am and 11.00am and there will be a further continuous open ended work to rule, which is short of strike action.

Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA stated;

“It is regrettable we are having to take this action but we believe the Coalition Government were entirely wrong to interfere with the recommendations of the NHS Pay Review Body. Our members are angry they have been treated in this manner. They do a dangerous job on behalf of society and deserve to be treated fairly.”

The POA will ensure that minimum cover arrangements are in place to make sure the public are safe and that the interests of patients are served.




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