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PR 93 08 Sep 2014

Morton Hall

The POA acknowledge the commitment and professionalism of Prison Officers who responded to the serious disturbance at Morton Hall Immigration Centre in Lincolnshire on Saturday the 6th September 2014.

Following an act of concerted indiscipline by a number of detainees the decision by staff to withdraw to a place of safety was sensible and averted the real possibility of serious injury. As a result of intervention by trained Prison staff, the situation was brought under control in a timely manner and once again Prison staff volunteered to give up their time off with their families to respond to the needs of the Service.

The POA call upon the Government, NOMS and the Home Office to recognise the professionalism and dedication of Prison staff in the essential protection of the public.

The POA welcome the investigation which has been commissioned by the Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire following the death of a detainee which allegedly was the initial cause of the disturbance on Saturday.

Thankfully there were no reported injuries to staff or detainees during this incident.

The POA await the outcome of the investigation.




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