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PR 85 17 Apr 2014

Violence in prison increases by 50%

Following the statement from Sadiq Khan in response to the information released by the Ministry of Justice identifying that assaults on staff have increased by 50%, the POA are extremely concerned but not surprised.

The National Executive Committee of the POA have consistently raised the issue of violence in prisons with the Senior Management of NOMS year on year. Unfortunately, procedures have not been proved to protect the safety of people working in prisons.

The POA welcome the comments by Jeremy Wright to review procedures, but are cautious that these may be words rather than positive actions.

The reality is that prisons are becoming more violent and dangerous places to work in, due to continued budget cuts, reduction in staffing levels and more importantly, the failure of the police and CPS to prosecute all assaults. Their failure does not send out the right message, in fact the POA believe it contributes to the increases in violence.




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