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PR 84 09 Apr 2014

Prison Population

The National Offender Management Service have today announced that they intend to open moth-balled accommodation at HMP Hull and Chelmsford in the very near future due to the continued rise in the Prison Population.

The POA strongly objected to moth-balling of prison accommodation and the prison closures in 2013.

The POA have been advising NOMS and Government that predicting the prison population is an inexact science and that they should not have closed this accommodation in order to accommodate voluntary redundancies as a short sighted cost saving exercise.

The POA has recently advised NOMS of the difficulties in managing the prison population and now question where the staff will come from due to the chronic staffing crisis across the Service.

It is now time for the Ministry of Justice and NOMS to recruit sufficient prison officers with a remuneration package that reflects the difficult and dangerous job they perform in the essential protection of the public.




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