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PR 79 08 Jan 2014

HMP Oakwood - Another day another crisis

The POA reiterate their concerns as to the continued operational viability of HMP Oakwood.

  • Numerous incidents of concerted indiscipline.
  • An unacceptable inspectorate report by the Chief Inspector of Prisons.
  • Drugs easier to get hold of than soap.
  • Concerns raised by the local community.
  • Ridiculed by the media as HMP Jokewood.

The POA call upon NOMS and Ministers to acknowledge our concerns with regard to the management of incidents at HMP Oakwood. The Government should be brave and decisive to prevent an unfolding tragedy.

In the interests of POA members, the prisoners in their care and in order to protect the public we call upon the Government to place HMP Oakwood under the direct operational control of the public sector.

HMP Oakwood is a dangerous and unsafe workplace.

The POA and the public insist on an appropriately resourced prison estate operated by an experienced public sector workforce.

Safe, Secure and Decent prisons are non-negotiable.




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