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PR 77 22 Nov 2013

POA welcome prisons remaining in public sector

The POA have welcomed a decision announced today by the Secretary of State Chris Grayling that Serco will not be awarded the contract for HMP Hatfield, HMP Lindholme and HMP Moorland and that they will be remaining in the public sector.

The POA believe this is a brave but correct decision by the Minister and remove the uncertainty that POA members and their families have had over the last 18 months.

Peter McParlin National Chairman of the POA stated;

“Chris Grayling has made the correct decision in relation to the future of the Prisons in Yorkshire. The core custodial work will now remain with the public sector and benchmark process will take place. The POA are engaged in this process. This is good news for staff and will improve the morale and indeed the operational viability of these three prisons. The leadership of the POA have campaigned and made submissions to both NOMS and Ministers to keep those prisons in the public sector.”

The POA believe this announcement will bring stability to the three prisons in Yorkshire

Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA went on to say;

“Public prisons can be run efficiently and effectively on behalf of society. We of course welcome this announcement and will continue to campaign on behalf of two public prisons which have been privatised HMP Birmingham and HMP Northumberland in order to secure their return to the public sector.”




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