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PR 69 10 Sep 2013

Contracting out of public services: POA call for independent public inquiry

The Coalition Government has pushed the Privatisation Agenda within the Criminal Justice System without demonstrating the true cost or alleged savings of the policy. In May the Government announced its Transforming Rehabilitation Agenda which includes outsourcing 70% of the work of the Probation Service.

The Governments Payment by Results programme has not been tested or cost evaluated.

In light of the allegations of the over-charging of millions of pounds through the Electronic Monitoring of Offenders’ contract and collapse of planned police privatisations, the POA will be calling on the TUC to support the call for an independent public inquiry into the true cost of privatising Public Services.

For decades the contracting out of Public Services has not been subject to adequate scrutiny to determine whether tax payers are getting value for money or not.

Steve Gillan, General Secretary of the POA said “The POA believes it is now time for some serious scrutiny, particularly now the Serious Fraud Office has been called in to examine alleged wrong doings by a private company in relation to the Electronic Monitoring contract.”

Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Justice, recently announced to Parliament that every contract will now be scrutinised. Has the horse already bolted before the gate has been closed?

Steve Gillan went on to say, “The Government should have nothing to fear from holding an independent public inquiry to establish once and for all whether Government policies stand up to scrutiny. I am confident that the TUC’s General Council and delegates will support the POA’s call this week.” 




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