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PR 65 19 Jul 2013

POA supports members at HMP Belmarsh

The POA are angry that the Ministry of Justice have done little to avoid sensationalist reporting of an incident at HMP Belmarsh where an allegation of assault by a prisoner was made.

The POA are aware of an incident that took place on Wednesday 17th July 2013, which involved a prisoner being subjected to restraint using approved techniques called Control and Restraint. Our members strenuously deny any wrong doing and the POA will be supporting them legally and emotionally during this difficult time. The use of restraint is only used where necessary when dealing with incidents up and down the country.

The POA will fully co-operate with any Police investigation and are hopeful that this matter will be resolved quickly and we expect the Officers to be completely exonerated.

The POA also recognise that the general public at large support the fact that Prison Officers are professional and do an extremely dangerous and difficult job in keeping the general public safe, from those deemed to be a danger to society.




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