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PR 59 18 Feb 2013

POA Condemn Violence in Prisons

The murder of the prisoner Subhan Anwar at Long Lartin prison has once again highlighted the immense difficulties and stresses that prison officers endure on a daily basis.

Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA stated;

“The POA do not wish to interfere with the on-going investigation into the murder of this prisoner but we do need to highlight that violent attacks are on the increase within our prisons. The general public should be proud of prison officers in the professional manner that they deal with horrendous incidents on a daily basis”

The POA are concerned that Prison Closures, Budget Cuts and Redundancies could lead to more violent incidents within our prisons.

Tom Robson Acting National Chairman of the POA went on to say;

“The POA condemn all acts of violence within the prison setting but with budget cuts and the increase of mental health issues, we fear our prisons will come under real pressure in the near future.”

Prisoner on prisoner assaults are running at 43 incidents a day and prisoner assaults on prison officers are running at 8 per day.




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