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PR 57 10 Jan 2013

Rehabilitation revolution will fail with announcement of prison closures

The announcement that 6 prisons are to be closed in March 2013 will endanger the Government commitment to a rehabilitation revolution insist the POA.

Prisoners will now be transferred into an already overcrowded and volatile prison estate. 81 Prisons in England and Wales are officially categorised as overcrowded and this announcement is tantamount to an abrogation of responsibility by the Coalition Government. The policy of prison closures endangers the safety of the public, custodial staff, prisoners and visitors to prison establishments. In an operational environment the continued insistence on unsustainable cuts to expenditure is dangerous and absurd. The POA continue to remind the Government that prison inspectors and penal pressure groups consistently point to the effectiveness of small scale prison establishments in rehabilitation outcomes. Once again the POA call upon the Coalition Government to listen to the experts, the men and women who work within the criminal justice system.

Our message to Government is clear and unambiguous. Safe secure and decent prisons are non-negotiable and the POA will ensure the Health and Safety of our membership. So we warn Government to take heed or face the consequences. 




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