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PR 56 08 Nov 2012

POA welcome announcement of no more prison competition in this parliament

The POA have welcomed but remain cautious following the Justice Secretary’s announcement that prison competition is to end in this Parliament.

The POA remain implacably opposed to the privatisation and outsourcing of the Criminal Justice System. To date the POA and other trade unions have been excluded from engaging in competition policy by the restrictions enforced by the commercial in confidence arrangements.

The announcement that competition policy is to end during this Parliament will now enable the POA to work in partnership with NOMS and the Ministry of Justice to ensure the safety and security of the public.

Competitive benchmarking of a frontline and essential service can only be considered alongside safe systems of work, suitable and sufficient risk assessments and impact assessments.

The POA will not allow dangerous and unsafe staffing levels in our prisons to undermine the health and safety of staff, prisoners and the public.

Safe, secure and decent prisons are non-negotiable.





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