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PR 55 08 Nov 2012

POA react with anger to prison sell-off

The decision to privatise public sector assets HMP Northumberland (HMPs Castington and Acklington) and the South Yorkshire Group of Moorland, Hatfield and Lindholme prisons is a disgraceful decision. The announcement that the policy of competition of prisons is to end in this Parliament contradicts the need to contract out these prisons and the decision is clearly wrong.

These decisions are based on a flawed ideology and not on cost and provision of services. Private good public bad is an abrogation of responsibility by our elected representatives. The incarceration of the guilty and on occasion the innocent has to be the responsibility of the state. There can be no place for profit out of misery in a civilised society.

Prison staff now face an anxious and uncertain future. The POA will support and protect our members through the transition from public service to private profit.

Safe, Secure and Decent prisons are non-negotiable.





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