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PR 53 22 Oct 2012

Cameron's sound bites

The proposals to increase the prison capacity and to get tough on crime, whilst relying on the private sector and payments by results is doomed to failure. The pilot introduced by previous administrations is not due to be evaluated until 2014 and therefore this announcement can only be seen as premature unless there is sufficient investment across the CJS.

The Government have closed prisons, announced increased prison capacity and still more than 50% of our prisons are seriously overcrowded. This announcement has to be seen as nothing more than a sound bite because this Government have imposed year on year budget cuts to police, probation, the prison service and the voluntary sector. The POA will engage with any Government in an attempt to improve the lives of offenders and to reduce reoffending rates, however all prisons must remain safe, decent and secure if the public is to maintain confidence in the criminal justice system.

The level of assaults in prisons and the length of sentences being imposed on offenders are increasing the risk of violence and prison unrest on a daily basis. Whilst the POA is sceptical of this announcement we will work with the Government in making our prisons safe, decent and secure. Prison officers are the specialist person to deal with reoffending and offending behaviour. We will do everything we can to ensure that this Government recognises the value of the professional men and women in the prison service in developing new and or existing policies.



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