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PR 10 21 Feb 2011

Are Prisons Safe?

In the wake of the recent serious disturbances, serious assaults and more recently the riot at HMP Ford, members of the POA are to gather at the TUC headquarters in London on Wednesday the 23rd February to discuss four motions in respect of Health and Safety, security and safety within prisons in England and Wales.
The POA National Executive has consistently raised concerns with the Ministry of Justice, NOMS and representatives of the Prison Service but it is clear no one is listening or indeed taking any action to protect the safety and security of staff, prisoners, prisons and the public.
Leaders of the POA are confident that MPs and the media will be in attendance or on hand to discuss the issues of the day which is the main topic of debate within the unions membership.

Colin Moses National Chairman of the POA said,

“It is clear that the Health and Safety of people in prisons is being ignored and my members are being used as cheap punch bags for prisoners as this government pushes through dangerous and unsafe staffing levels and regimes, in an attempt to save money.

The current policy of the Ministry of Justice is in tatters as MP’s from all parties call for tougher measures to deal with crime and the causes of crime, but still demand more for less.”

When asked what the union expected to achieve from the conference Colin went onto say.

“Firstly, we hope to bring those in authority to the table to discuss a safe way forward. We also expect to make people aware that prison does and can work providing it has appropriate staff to deliver structured and safe regimes. Finally, we will have a clear mandate to take all necessary steps to protect the Health and Safety of our members, prisoners and the public.”  



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