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PR 26 03 Nov 2010

Juveniles on the Rampage

The Prison Service is dealing with the aftermath of two serious incidents at HMP &YOI Moorland, in Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster and HMP & YOI Warren Hill in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

During a period of association on 2nd November 2010 a number of young offenders at Moorland enjoined in a serious act of indiscipline. During the course of the day, three members of staff were assaulted including a female officer who received a fractured jaw.  Significant damage to the recreation area and cells has been reported although the establishment is currently stable. 

The police are in attendance investigating the assaults and criminal damage to the prison.

The General Secretary of the POA Steve Gillan is in attendance and reported that control and restraint teams were deployed to bring the situation under control, which limited the damage to the establishment, injuries to staff and prisoners alike.  The professional action of prison staff prevented the Ministry of Justice facing another serious prison population crisis, and a number of suspected ringleaders have been segregated.

Tom Robson, acting National Chairman said:

“The street corner gangs re-associate in side our prisons. They continue in the only way they know which is in a violent and anti social manner that our members confront and manage on a daily basis.  Prison Officers deserve the gratitude of the general public for the service they provide”. 

The second incident occurred on 3rd November at Warren Hill where a number of prisoners had been bullying other juveniles and when these individuals were prevented from having free and unfettered access to the telephone and leisure facilities, they reacted with venom causing significant damage to the prison and two prisoners being hospitalised with a number of staff injured whilst trying to deal with the riot.  This is the third serious incident this year at Warren Hill which has had to be dealt with by Prison Officers, this time resulting in a damaging loss of prisoner accommodation.

Ralph Valerio, Area NEC representative is in attendance and has reported that 48 prisoners need to be transferred to prisons throughout the country and approximately 100 prison places have been lost as a result of the actions of these prisoners.

Tom Robson, acting National Chairman of the POA said:

“The level of violence in our prisons is totally unacceptable and this incident is not uncommon in our juvenile and young offender establishments.  Warren Hill consistently sits within the top 20 of the table recording the level of assaults on staff.  We are seeking an urgent meeting with the regional custodial manager to look at resolving these issues and preventing further violence and damage to prison property, which will all result in significant costs to the tax payer”.


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