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PR 19 13 Aug 2010

Prison Officer's bravery rewarded with reprimand

A prison officer at HMP Whatton has been suspended for 5 months, subjected to an investigation and finally reprimanded by the Governor, following his heroic actions to prevent injury to other staff and the attempts of an offender to "self harm".

This whole episode is estimated to have cost the Ministry of Justice tens of thousands of pounds. HMP Whatton is one of the prisons in the local constituency of the Secretary of State for Justice Ken Clarke and the staff intend to raise the issue with him.

On Thursday 12th August, the officer concerned was reprimanded by the governor for intimidating the prisoner.

Colin Moses National Chairman of the POA said:

"I am totally disgusted at the outcome of this debacle. The officer should have been commended not reprimanded by the Governor.

"I have written to the CEO of NOMS Michael Spurr and copied my letter to the Secretary of State Ken Clark asking for a full investigation into the waste of tax payers money and for the award to be expunged from the officer.

"I am aware that the staff at HMP Whatton are very angry because they feel they can no longer protect themselves in any incident with the equipment which NOMS provide and mandate them to carry and use to protect the Health and Safety of staff and prisoners alike.

"I will be seeking urgent meetings with NOMS to discuss this issue"




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