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PR 17 01 Jul 2010

POA Threaten Strike Action

The POA have reacted furiously to the Justice Secretary’s proposed extension of the private sector at the expense of prison officer jobs.

Steve Gillan, General Secretary of the POA stated:

“We listened to what Kenneth Clarke had to say and cutting away all the rhetoric what he really means is he will sell prison officer jobs to the lowest bidder in the private sector.

“His statements about rehabilitation revolution are even ridiculed from within his own party. The public will have absolutely no confidence in these half baked policies made on the hoof. They are dangerous and ill thought out.

“The POA have the appropriate mandates from our members to take strike action to protect our jobs when necessary. We will not stand by and watch the public endangered nor will we stand by and watch our jobs sold”.

The Union believe that there needs to be a root and branch review of the whole Criminal Justice System including the obsession with the Private Finance Initiative.

Colin Moses, National Chairman of the POA stated:

“This Union will not stand by and watch public sector prisons close in favour of privately built and run prisons by the private sector. The general public need to know the facts about PFI and in the coming months we will expose the real cost to the tax payer. As for this sentencing review and rehabilitation revolution, that is a bit like sticking a plaster over the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

“The POA stand ready for constructive dialogue with Government but I warn them, ignore us at your peril”.



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