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POA Press Releases

PR 98 19 Nov 2014

POA members at Ashworth, Broadmoor and Rampton to strike again on 24th November 2014

The POA NEC have called upon its membership within the High Secure Psychiatric Hospitals to once again take strike action regarding the Coalition Government's failure to fully implement the NHS Pay Review Body recommendations.

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PR 97 19 Nov 2014

Independent Survey of POA reveals a totally demoralised staff

A team of researchers from the University of Bedfordshire led by Professor Gail Kinman has conducted an independent survey on work related stress and wellbeing of Prison Officers in the United Kingdom and Nurses in Psychiatric Secure Hospitals. This report also provides an independent view of the viability of a pension age of 68 for POA members.

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PR 96 31 Oct 2014

Latest prison statistics are proof that the prison service is in crisis

The Prison Officers Association (POA) believe that the latest data on self-harm, assaults and deaths in custody provide clear unequivocal proof that the prison system in England and Wales is in an ever deepening crisis.

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PR 95 27 Oct 2014

POA succeed in legal challenge against prisoner

The Prison Officers Association (POA) has today been successful in a Judicial Review challenge of a CPS decision to discontinue a prosecution of a prisoner.

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PR 94 16 Oct 2014

POA members at Ashworth, Broadmoor and Rampton to strike on 24th October 2014

The POA have called strike action for 24th October 2014 at its High Secure Psychiatric hospitals after its membership voted overwhelmingly to take action at Ashworth, Broadmoor and Rampton in relation to the Coalition Government failing to fulfil the NHS Pay Review Body recommendations.

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PR 93 08 Sep 2014

Morton Hall

The POA acknowledge the commitment and professionalism of Prison Officers who responded to the serious disturbance at Morton Hall Immigration Centre in Lincolnshire on Saturday the 6th September 2014.

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PR 92 15 Aug 2014

Keep HMP Askham Grange Open

Following a recent HMIP inspection HMP Askham Grange has been awarded the highest possible rating in Safety, Respect, Purposeful Activity and Resettlement. 

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PR 91 18 Jul 2014

POA Start Legal Proceedings on Overcrowding

The POA has today sent the first legal letter to the CEO of NOMS Michael Spurr as it challenges the recent decision to crowd more overcrowded public sector prisons.

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PR 90 10 Jul 2014

Prime Minister to Strengthen the Anti-Trade Union laws

The POA, a trade union whose members have been denied the human right to even take industrial action to fight for justice in Modern Britain, are disappointed that the Tory-led Coalition Government are once again attacking and demonising hard working people for trying to stand up for what they believe in.

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PR 89 16 Jun 2014

Smoke and mirrors on self harm and assault figures

The Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice The Rt. Honourable Chris Grayling MP has been quoted in the Telegraph 14th June 2014 following a radio interview, claiming that self harm and assaults in the prison system have fallen over the last two years.

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