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Secure Colleges: Leicestershire

Dan Jarvis: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice what criteria were used to award the construction contract for the planned secure college in Leicestershire. [200035]

Jeremy Wright: Bids that were evaluated to have passed a predetermined non-price evaluation score threshold then had their price evaluated to verify that they complied with the price threshold requirements.

Bids that passed both thresholds, had the non-price evaluation score and the price combined to create the overall price per quality point. The offer with the lowest price per quality value is considered to be the most economically advantageous and was recommended for contract award.

A total of 44 non-price evaluation tests spread across six workstreams were set for bidders as part of the competition for the design and build for the secure college pathfinder. The six workstream headings are listed as follows:

Workstream Headings
Design, Operation and Security Considerations
Programme, Methodology and Project Management
SME Engagement and Local Interface
Completed Product Handback and Handover to Operator
Procurement and Commercial Management