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Prisoners: Radicalism

Sadiq Khan: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice (1) what mechanisms are in place for (a) prisoners and (b) prison officers and staff to raise concerns about the radicalisation of prisoners; [193202]
(2) on how many occasions (a) prison officers, (b) prison governors and (c) prison staff in each prison in England and Wales have raised concerns about radicalisation in each year since 2010. [193205]

Jeremy Wright: Any prisoner who wishes to raise concerns about radicalisation will be able to raise those concerns with a member of staff, in person, or anonymously. Prisoners are also able to raise concerns through other channels such as the IMB, their MP or the Prison and Probation Ombudsman. Any member of staff who has such concerns can submit an intelligence report or speak to a colleague, manager, their security department or specialist staff.

Prison staff are required to report on a wide range of behaviours linked to extremist motivated activities some of which could represent radicalisation. Such reports are considered by a prison-based multi agency panel to help access the motivation for the reported behaviour and to direct further action to develop the information or to intervene with the prisoner. Where appropriate these reports are escalated to regional or national level.

To establish the number of reports submitted would therefore require examining the records of all prisoners in the system which could only be done at significant disproportionate cost.