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207 | 22.07.2019


The POA do not give evidence to the Pay Review Body that makes recommendations to Government for Prison Officers and related grades pay. The headline figure of 2.2 per cent consolidated is another Pay cut for POA members who come under its remit in England and Wales.

The award is backdated to April 2019 when it is supposed to be implemented but falls far short of POA expectations.

Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA stated;

“The POA do not have any confidence that the Pay Review Body will ever understand the basic issues that POA members face and that is why our membership told us to stop giving evidence to them. We would much rather have collective bargaining on pay instead of this charade year on year. POA members deserve far more in relation to pay and this award will not stop staff leaving the Prison Service and morale will continue to suffer. We will read the report with interest, but this does not go anywhere near addressing the pay cuts that our members have endured for a decade”.

The POA are also concerned that it would appear no new money is available to fund the rise in a service that is already in crisis.


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