POA News

10 | 19.01.2018


We believe that confusion remains in the field regarding the levels of compensation currently being paid to our members in regard to exits from Service through medical inefficiency under the Civil Service Compensation Scheme.

This confusion was further compounded by a misleading guidance document issued by the Employer in November 2017, the document was titled Management of Attendance Additional Guidance for Managers.

In the document it states that medical inefficiency under the Civil Service Compensation Scheme should be calculated under PIN 40 subject to a cap of 18 months’ salary (which was the 2016 Scheme).

The Executive warned the Employer that was factually incorrect as the PIN 40 calculation should have been aligned to a cap of 24 months in line with the 2010 Scheme since the outcome of the Judicial Review.

The Employer failed to rectify this mistake prior to publishing the Management of Attendance Additional Guidance for Managers and published stating a cap of 18 months.

Following the publication of the document we wrote to the Employer again pointing out their mistake, to date they have not responded to that letter.

Following a successful challenge at a local attendance meeting it is clear that confusion still exists in the field.

The NEC will be addressing this issue with the Employer through the HR Whitley Structure and Cabinet Office.  It is vital that Committees enter into local challenges where there is any concern that an 18-month cap may have been applied.

Any challenge to the level of compensation must be recorded in the notes of the formal attendance review meeting.

Committees should not allow formal attendance meetings to progress if compensation figures are not available for scrutiny at the meeting and that again should be reflected in the notes of the meeting.

PIN 40 is attached to assist Committees, however if there is any doubt regarding figures local Committees are urged to seek guidance from their NEC Area Representative.

The POA continue along with our sister Unions PCS, GMB and Unite to discuss Civil Service Compensation Scheme since the successful Judicial Review with Cabinet Office Officials.  Please also find attached a recent letter to Peter Jinks, Cabinet Office.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary