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159 | 25.08.2017


Despite assurances from the Secretary of State for Justice that the recruitment of new Prison Officers was at record highs and the success of the graduate scheme, the foundation which supports prisons, reduce violence and address chronic staff shortfalls throughout the Service. However, Prison Officers are still being forced from their homes to sure up a system in crisis.

In the last few weeks HMPPS have boasted about the record number of more than 2,056 Prison Officers which have been appointed since January and delivered a net increase of only 868 in Prison Officers numbers. More than 200 Prison Officers will be forced away from their homes and their families to allow prisoners access to TV’s, telephones and ping pong.

Leaders of the POA have questioned the ability of those at the top, to manage the Service but no one is listening.  The prison population is rising on a daily basis and the levels of violence and serious incidents within the prison system is out of control. 

The Secretary of State and HMPPS have promised that the staffing crisis will subside, but more and more people leave the Service due to the unprecedented levels of violence, drugs and staff safety.  Millions of pounds are being spent to research the reasons for attrition when it is clear security, safety and control are no longer present in our prison system and staff are being used as punch bags and tools of convenience to cover up the inept management skills of those at the top.





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