POA News

96 | 28.07.2017



It is my intention to run the Deputy General Secretary, Vice Chair and 4 NEC Positions along with the Political Fund Ballot together once the National Chair and NEC Election is completed.

By running all the elections together will realise significant savings for the POA instead of running them separately.  One ballot for all the elections and Political Fund Ballot will cost between £20k-25k, but running them separately would be in the region of £80k to 100k.  The other benefit of running the elections together is stability for the POA instead of constant ballots.

I am required to give advanced notice of the Conditions of Service in respect of the Deputy General Secretary Election. Please find enclosed a summary of the Conditions of Service, Remuneration and Job Description as it will apply, together with the forthcoming election timetable.

Branches are reminded the Deputy General Secretary is a member of the National Executive Committee, and is the subject of election in accordance with the statutory requirements.

Thus, as with the General Secretary's post, the post holder is both elected and an employee of the Union.

Yours sincerely

General Secretary