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65 | 22.05.2017

Draft Grievances Fair Pay At the POA's 78th Annual Conference

Delegates discussed the current situation and disparity on pay.

POA members have suffered year on year pay cuts in real terms, as a result of Government pay restraint with closed grade staff often only receiving non-consolidated pay awards.

In 2017 HMPPS imposed differential pay in 31 prisons under the pretext that these were difficult to recruit prisons. This along with F&S has now spread the annual pay of POA members far and wide resulting in Band 3 members being trapped in the pay structure. Bands 4 and 5 feeling devalued and OGS's and Band 2's totally overlooked.

Whilst the current situation, does not give rise to an equal pay claim it certainly raises the issue of Fair Pay. The Executive continue to press HMPPS over pay and allowances for all staff. We have and continue to raise recruitment and retention alongside the ever-increasing levels of violence.

All POA members working in prisons in England and Wales are asked to raise a grievance and submit this to Michael Spurr.

The attached draft grievance is designed to assist members in formulating their grievance, but individuals should expand on the issues which affect them.

Please copy your grievance to your local POA committee who should collate them and any responses received.

The Executive will ask for further information in due course.

Please draw the contents of this to all your members and encourage them to raise the grievance and issue of Fair Pay.

Yours sincerely


Steve Gillan
General Secretary 

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