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148 | 27.04.2017


The POA today condemn the current Government led by Theresa May in failing to listen to the concerns of this trade union and effectively leaving staff and prisoners to operate in a war zone, fuelled by drugs, violence and squalid conditions.

The Government have at their best been inept at dealing with rising violence and safety issues within our Prisons. The POA believe they have failed in their duty of care.

Recruitment and retention continues to be an issue and the Government have refused to come back to the negotiating table and listen to logic and reason to resolve matters for their staff our members.

Mike Rolfe Chair of the POA said;

"If Theresa May believes her Government have sidelined the POA's issues of Prison safety by touting a narrow Prison reform agenda then she must think again.

Our members have been abandoned by this Government in the mouth of a volcano that's about to erupt and there is no rescue in sight.

Urgent steps are required and the current Government are not prepared to listen to reason or do business with the POA and so we cannot rule anything out during the coming weeks while her Government courts the general public pretending to have all the answers."





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