About Police CU

The POA is delighted to recommend the Police Credit Union as a provider of competitive savings and loan facilities to POA members, retired members and employees.

Welcome to your new source of simple savings and sensible loans.

POA Finance Officer Pete Chapple has been working with the Police Credit Union's Chief Executive, Peter Evans, to arrange for POA members and employees to benefit from membership of PCU.

With payroll deduction available in most cases, it's easy for POA members and employees to save and borrow responsibly.

Peter Evans said: "By extending our services to members of the POA, we are able to help even more people with the police and law enforcement family. This also means we can gain income through new loans, helping us to maintain and enhance the dividend for all our members."

Pete Chapple added: "The strong financial foundation and ethical background for a credit union offers our members an excellent route for saving or borrowing. With so many of our police colleagues already benefitting, this seemed like an ideal arrangement for POA members."

Why wait?

Take a look around the Police CU website: you can join online and find out about savings accounts and loans.

Click here to find out more www.policecu.co.uk/poa

As a new or prospective member, if you have any queries, please contact the Police CU at: poa@policecu.co.uk, or by phone on 0845 371 7303