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12 Feb 2016

2016 PSPRB report

The Prison Service Pay Review Body submitted its 2016 England and Wales report to the Government today.

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Breaking 09 Nov 2015

Demo Tomorrow: Kill the Bill, After work protest, 6pm 10 November, Parliament Square

See the flyer attached for tomorrow's demo, Kill the Bill, after work protest, 6pm 10 November, Parliament Square.

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News 05 Nov 2015
News 30 Oct 2015

Build the Fight Against Austerity - Rally 21st Nov, Westminster

Please find the attached flyers for the upcoming rally at Westminster.

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News 13 Oct 2015

NSSN 264: Support the Junior Doctors protests this Saturday!

The NSSN sends solidarity to the Junior Doctors who are fighting the Tories’ imposition of a new contract. We appeal to all our supporters to support their demonstrations and protests, including this Saturday October 17th in London and Nottingham. For latest news and protests follow #JuniorContract and #NotFairNotSafe on twitter. Latest updates on BMA website here

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News 04 Jun 2015

NSSN flyer - Queens Speech’s announcement of the new anti-union laws

The proposed new anti-union laws would outlaw strikes if less than 50% of members voted in a ballot with an even stricter threshold for workers in ‘essential’ services. If these laws come in unchallenged, it will be a green light for bosses to ride rough-shod over workplace agreements and victimise union reps.

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News 17 May 2015

POA members work-related stress and wellbeing survey

The POA represent 30,000 members across the UK working in prisons, immigration detention centres and secure psychiatric hospitals. The POA has long believed that the stresses and strains put on staff working in these environments has had a detrimental effect on their health and wellbeing.

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News 16 Sep 2014

Special Delegates Conference: Policies of the POA and "Without Prejudice" negotiations

At a specially convened National Executive Committee meeting held on the 1st September 2014, the Executive determined that a Special Delegates Conference would be called under our Rules and Constitution for branches in England and Wales.

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News 17 Jul 2014

Morning Star Summer of Heroes Fundraising Campaign

The Summer of Heroes campaign aims to raise £150,000 to keep the only reader-owned daily paper in Britain fighting fit as it celebrates 85 years of struggle for peace and socialism on January 1.

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News 14 Jul 2014

TUC Trade Union Communication Awards 2014

POA win the “Best Feature” category for the Prison Violence document as featured in the June 2013 Gatelodge Magazine.

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