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186 | 01.10.2018

Prisons in crisis

Following the concerted indiscipline at Long Lartin High Security Prison on Sunday 30th September 2018, Leaders of the POA again highlight the problems within prisons in England & Wales as chronic staff shortages, unrest amongst the prison population fuelled by the use of drugs, increase in violence and high levels of debt, all add to the daily problems of maintaining stability in our prisons.

On Sunday it was reported that six staff were injured and had to attend hospital during the disturbance at Long Lartin with National Tornado teams being deployed to bring the situation under control.

Operational data from the early part of last week suggests that there were again 19 prisoner-on-prisoner assaults, 13 of which required hospital treatment. In the same period 12 members of staff were the victim of assaults, 2 had to attend A&E for treatment, 1 was sexually assaulted and 2 more potted. This data is only a snap shot of the state of our prisons as the weekly totals paint a poor picture for HMPPS and the Government.


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