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183 | 17.09.2018


Following the protest action by members of the POA last Friday across all prisons in England and Wales, HMP Bedford was forced to reduce the regime and call in NTRG to quell another act of concerted indiscipline over the weekend.

The latest problems within all prisons and the constant levels of violence is piling the pressure on the Government and HMPPS.

Today talks with the POA and HMPPS to address the levels of violence, failure to provide safe prisons as directed by the Prisons Minister last week begin. However last week there were 25 Prisoner on prisoner assaults, many involving homemade weapons and 15 prisoners required hospital treatment, placing increasing pressure on an overstretched NHS and ambulance service.

In the same period 15 members of staff were the victim of unprovoked assaults some of these serious. 6 members of staff had to attend A&E for treatment, 5 of the assaults involved potting and a female officer was sexually assaulted.

Last week there were 8 reported deaths in custody and again several prisoner self-harm incidents reported. In addition, the number of reported incidents at height was 19. These incidents are stretching the prison system to breaking point.

Last week the private sector was responsible for more than a third of reportable incidents and this follows the decision of the Government to return the day to day management of the prison back to the public.


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