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177 | 03.09.2018


Once again, the Government and Heads of HMPPS are under pressure as last week’s data from prisons in England and Wales is not good reading.

Following another week when prisons have again been in the news for all the wrong reasons, Leaders of the POA highlight the unprecedented levels of violence, self-harm and deaths.

In the last seven days there were 37 prisoner on prisoner assaults, 8 involving homemade weapons and 5 of a sexual nature.

In the same period 33 members of staff were the victim of unprovoked assaults some of these serious, 7 involved “potting” an assault, which is becoming more prevalent as prisoners throw urine and excrement over staff to repay debt or to humiliate them. 1 member of staff was rushed to hospital and 14 others had to attend A&E for treatment.

In the same period 13 prisoners were also escorted to local hospitals placing increasing pressure on an overstretched NHS.

Last week there were 12 reported deaths, 5 from self-harm and 7 believed to be from Natural Causes with a significant number of prisoner self-harm incidents reported.

These incidents are stretching the prison system to breaking point.



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