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News | 06.09.2017

TUC Congress 2017 - Sunday Evening Round-up


TUC President Mary Bousted addresses the delegates at Congress 2017.
"The government should be ashamed that in a country which is the fifth richest in the world, so many citizens are insecure. So many do not know what their wage packet will be from week to week. So many work all the hours God sends, but cannot make enough to make ends meet.

"It is shocking. Exploitation taking place before my eyes to someone I love dearly. But that is how it is for hundreds of thousands of young workers who have borne the brunt of austerity and are now on the frontline of low-paid, insecure work which offers them no prospect of a decent life.

"These are the workers who most need to be in a union, so that they can organise to make their world of work better. So, why are they not union members?"

Read Mary's full speech

I’m proud that our movement is backing a jobs-first and rights-first Brexit deal
Trade unions must be ready to lead on Brexit, because the government certainly isn’t. Over the last year, their criminal lack of preparation for March 2019 has become clear. We’ve seen no assessment of the impact on our industries and no plan to protect jobs and rights... Read the blog from Frances O'Grady


Here are a few of our favourite tweets. Remember to use #tuc17 and you could be featuring in tomorrow's issue.

Louise Atkinson is first speaker for newly-established .@NEUnion - making a great speech on housing crisis #TUC17 @NUTonline @ATLUnion

— Kiri Tunks (@kiritunks) September 10, 2017

On the beach with our #PayUpNow machine. Whichever public servant has a go, they all lose #tuc17

— Dave Prentis (@DavePrentis) September 10, 2017

Unite chair Tony Woodhouse welcomes striking Birmingham bin workers to our #TUC17 delegation meeting.

— Unite the union (@unitetheunion) September 10, 2017

Good #digitalunions idea at #TUC17, @BrDieteticAssoc changed union rules to allow local video conference hubs to take part in conferences

— John (@Johninnit) September 10, 2017