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147 | 31.03.2017


Today the POA cautiously welcome the announcement of Liz Truss the Secretary of State for Justice as she plans to unveil proposals to professionalise some 2000 Prison Officers across the prison estate. Whilst, instructing all POA members who may be affected by this offer to defer from considering this role until the POA have been able to negotiate an agreed position with the Employer.

The current proposals put forward by NOMS will create more division amongst an already demoralised workforce and seriously undermine the Secretary of States plans to introduce prison reform and reduce re-offending according to the POA.

The POA actually question whether the Secretary of State is aware of how NOMS intend to introduce this long overdue but, welcomed policy.

Leaders of the POA have today expressed grave concerns following meetings with NOMS over the current proposals.

The POA claim the current policy from NOMS will hit regimes hard, force more and more prisoners to spend longer periods of time locked up in their cells and limit access to structured regimes and offending behaviour courses.

Furthermore, the POA claim that the current proposals to professionalise 2000 prison officers falls well short of the actual numbers required, to deliver the mandatory work under the Professionalisation agenda.

It is claimed by some that the figure of 2000 was a snap shot and sound bite, rather than a detailed assessment of the work and resources required.

When questioned over the safety of prisons, leaders of the union claim that prisoners and staff will be placed at risk as the intense training programme is rolled out to deliver the Secretary of State’s agenda because NOMS refuse to resource the work properly.

When asked if there were any other concerns, the POA stated that they doubted whether the Secretary of State may also be signing up to a policy that indirectly discriminates against women.





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