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39 | 30.03.2017


Many of you will be aware that the Prisons and Courts Bill is making its way through the Parliamentary procedure.

Along with Members of Parliament, the POA are trying to introduce amendments to the Bill. One amendment we are trying to gain support for is the testing of prisoner’s blood, following assaults on prison staff in both Public and Private Sector Establishments.

Therefore, the National Executive Committee asks any members who have been potted, bitten or spat at and are going through or have been through anti-viral treatments following incidents, to assist us in exposing the true extent of the trauma and stress on our members these assaults cause.

We would ask members to write their story of what happened during the assault, what has happened since and how it has affected your family life. The more detail included will allow better understanding by MP’s of the effects these incidents have on prison staff.

It is our intention to reproduce a number of the responses into a booklet, supported by the latest statistical data to present to Parliament and encourage MP’s to support the progressive amendments being proposed.

This work needs to be completed urgently; we would ask that all responses are sent to by the 20th April 2017, to enable the necessary work to be done.

Can I take this opportunity to thank all those who will send their stories for inclusion in the booklet, to bring the necessary pressure on Parliamentarians to make the right decision on this matter.

Yours Sincerely


General Secretary