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145 | 22.03.2017


The POA National Executive Committee today cautiously welcome the Plans to refurbish and build 4 new Prisons in Yorkshire, Wigan, Rochester and Port Talbot.

The POA seek assurances that there will be no compulsory redundancies and these Prisons remain in the Public Sector.

The Government’s commitment to create up to 10,000 modern places will not reduce prison overcrowding or do anything to address violence and drug abuse in our Prisons.

The POA do not accept that there is any evidence to support the claims that old Victorian jails are not fit for purpose, evidence supports that many of the new purpose built Prisons create an environment where prisoners do not feel safe. The Governments own data demonstrates that these Prisons have the worst outcome in reducing violence in the workplace.

The POA welcome the boost these proposals will create in the construction and manufacturing industries and new opportunities for local businesses, but also ask the public to consider the impact prison closures have on the local economy.

The POA stated that the savage cuts to frontline staff year on year has prevented the professional and dedicated Prison Officers and POA members from doing their job, not the type of Prison they work in.

The POA also question the second strand of the announcement, which will introduce a program to value nine Prisons to help inform further decisions about the estate. The vast majority of these Prisons have been identified by the Government as red sites and this announcement will do nothing to improve morale, recruitment and retention of front line staff.




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