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News | 17.07.2014

Morning Star Summer of Heroes Fundraising Campaign

From the Morning Star:

Dear Management Committee Member


In May we launched one of the most ambitious fundraising campaigns in our history to enable the paper to recapitalise, invest in new technology, and insure itself against continuing financial crises that could threaten its future. We hope that you will help us with a few practical steps and, if possible, publicly endorse the paper's fundraising - please contact campaigns organiser David Peel on or phone (020) 8525-6999 to say Yes to taking part in publicity for the initiative.

The Summer of Heroes campaign aims to raise £150,000 to keep the only reader-owned daily paper in Britain fighting fit as it celebrates 85 years of struggle for peace and socialism on January 1.

The Morning Star is the only national daily newspaper consistently backing the trade union and labour movement, challenging the neoliberal mainstream media consensus and reporting the truth about the lives of millions of ordinary people. Now we need your help.

How you can join the Summer of Heroes:

Contact your networks and encourage those you know in organisations and as individuals to:

Make a one-off donation straight to the Summer of Heroes fund. Cheques can be sent to 52 Beachy Road, London E3 2NS, debit/credit cards used on (020) 8510-0815, or people can visit our webpage to donate via PayPal.

Commit to a monthly donation to underwrite new subscription-based software and support other vital development opportunities. We’re seeking pledges of at least £5 a month via PayPal or standing order.

Organise a collection in their workplace or community. We would be happy to offer them advice on how to get fundraising activities off the ground.

Take out a subscription to the new e-edition, accessible on desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet, and available weekly, monthly or annually. Bulk discounts are available for trade union organisations.

Place an order for the print edition at their local newsagent (see the order form attached). The paper is also permanently on sale at branches of Martin McColls and One Stop retailers.
Buy shares in the People’s Press Printing Society Ltd and become part of the only reader-owned co-operative daily newspaper in Britain (see the order form attached).

The coalition attack on the welfare state and all the gains we have made since 1945 mean hardship and despair for all faced with wage and job cuts, precarious employment terms, the loss of public services and spiralling housing, energy and transport costs. A strong Morning Star, working with you as part of a broad movement, is vital if we are to expose the bankruptcy of this coalition, and show a better world is possible.

For more detailed information on the goals of this project visit:

Yours sincerely,

Richard Bagley