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News | 09.12.2013

Why We Campaign

As part of our justice system, prison officers protect families and communities every day.

In public prisons, highly skilled, dedicated staff want to change lives, reduce re-offending and make our communities stronger in the long term.

That is why we should all campaign for a safe, decent, properly funded, public, professional prison service.

Ralph Valerio, POA National Vice Chairman

The decision to keep HMP Moorland, HMP Lindholme and HMP Hatfield within the publc sector, is the single greatest example of the POAs success in our “Prisons are not for Profit” campaign . . . but the campaign cannot not stop there.

There is much still to be done! POA members deserve decent pay for the difficult work we do, we deserve to be allowed to retire from one of the most difficult jobs in society at an age where we will not be put at risk simply by the ageing process and we deserve to have our Health and Safety protected in the workplace.

We believe that HMP Birmingham and HMP Northumberland should be returned to the public sector and we believe that every other privately run prison in our country should follow the lead set by HMP Wolds and be taken to their rightful home of the public sector.

Throughout the build up to the next General Election in 2015, the POA will be campaigning to influence the present and future government to establish policies that give POA members what we deserve and so badly need.

The POA are a member led Trade Union which means that we are all serving Prison Officers, OSGs, Psychiatric Workers, Detention Custody Officers and nurses. Together, we all have the power to bring change and make a difference.

The POA ask that you support our campaign and get involved.

You really can make a difference and we really can bring change!