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Event | 10.09.2013

TUC 2013 - Latest news

Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA made the following comment at the TUC

I will be speaking on an emergency motion today regarding trade union rights. The rail unions have been threatened by the Tory greater London council to ban strikes on London underground. They are quoting essential service. Where have we heard that before. They will use the same restrictions on other unions that they use on the POA. This needs to be fought and a great opportunity to tell everyone we have no adequate compensatory mechanisms. I will also be speaking on motion 16 calling for a referendum on Europe. I will be informing them we support a referendum of in or out not for a nationalistic reason but to protect workers rights from privatisation etc... the fringe meeting last night was well attended on the real cost of privatisation where I spoke with other general secretaries from CWU, FBU, URTU, NAPO, UNISON. obviously my speech was around prisons and the criminal Justice system. Just to let you know another trade unionist has been incarcerated for rebellion in Colombia. His name is Huber Ballestoris and I met the man in Bogota. He was due to speak at the TUC today. An absolute outrage and as the POA are affiliated to Justice for Colombia along with every other trade union we will campaign to obtain his release as we as POA members know about injustice where we have been denied our basic human rights since 1994 regarding trade union rights. Obviously it is more life threatening in Colombia.