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| 20.01.2012

Nottingham Prison staff walk out over attacks by inmates


At the special delegates conference I was asked by the Nottingham Branch if I could attend and support them after they had a spate of 10 serious assaults against our members since January the 1st 2012. The branch decided to hold a protest meeting outside of the gate in view of the public and media to highlight the issue of violence in their workplace and the stance they will be taking if things don’t change.

I would like to thank all the committee for their work in setting this up and also my thanks go to the 100 plus members at Nottingham along with our colleagues from PCS  who showed up in solidarity. This show of strength was remarkable despite the usual threats from management, i.e. “if you put your heads above the parapet we will be market tested” and the worst comment from management, “ if you do this you will be showing the prisoners that you are scared to come to work” absolutely disgraceful!

The NEC would like to put once again on record that if our members health and safety is put at risk this union will act to keep our members safe in their workplace.

Joe Simpson
POA Assistant Secretary