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4 | 17.01.2012

European Court of Human Rights - POA Application No: 59253/11

Further to the POA application to the European Court of Human Rights for restoration of our trade union rights, I am pleased to inform you that on the 3rd January 2012, the President to which the Case has been allocated, decided under Rule 54 section 2 (b) of the Rules of Court, that the notice of the application should be given to the United Kingdom Government and for them to submit observations to the Court by 4th May 2012.

I am extremely pleased that the ECHR has accepted the application POA/Mrs Jacqueline Bates and Mr Adrian Watts v United Kingdom Government.  I will keep you informed of any further developments.

As part of that on-going strategy to supplement that application an Early Day Motion 2571(attached) has been laid in Parliament.  As of today, 18 Members of Parliament have added their name as supporting the POA in the restoration of trade union rights.

I request that every branch in the country, organises the membership to write to their respective Member of Parliament urging them to sign the Early Day Motion and collating responses from those Members of Parliament.

Please forward letters from branches and responses to Stephen Lewis at Linden House.

Please bring this Circular to the attention of the membership.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary

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