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| 30.11.2011

TUC Day of Action - 30 November 2011

PJ McParlin National Chairman of the POA

I take this opportunity to congratulate all POA members who today are attending protest meetings throughout the UK.  The POA support public sector workers who are exercising their legitimate right to partake in strike action.

In our prisons POA members are ensuring that the health and safety of staff and prisoners is protected during the day of action.

Our members in the Secure Hospital are taking strike action and have our full support.
The protest over pension reform will not end today.

Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA

On behalf of the National Executive Committee, I wish all members in the Secure Hospitals all the very best for the strike action that is taking place and all members in prisons on preserving their health and safety.


Union Offices open at 06.00 to support members and branch officials as the TUC day of action commences.

The National Chairman and General Secretary convene a Special NEC meeting at 07.15 to obtain reports from branches on restrictions to regimes due to the day of action.

Members in Secure Hospitals start their day of strike action in protests over the Governments proposals on pension reforms.

Branch meetings across the prison estate start at 07.30 and local regimes restricted. Members in Scotland and Northern Ireland have complied with the instructions of the Northern Ireland Area Committee and Scottish National Committee and we await further reports.

NEC advised by a local branch that the armed forces were on standby in anticipation of the union going on strike. What a waste of tax payers’ money.

Some branches inform the NEC that the emergency services have advised their prison that they may not be able to respond as quickly as normal.

09.00 – Some local prison interest into how the strike is affecting prisons.

NEC members continue to contact branch officials to obtain an update as to what is happening at local level.

NEC advised of members from across the prison estate attending rallies and demonstrations in their areas. Keep up the good work.

100% success in High Secure Hospitals, Steve Bostock National Vice Chairman and Chair of the National Committee for Secure Healthcare Services has reported to the National Executive Committee that the strike by POA members has been a great success.  Representatives of the Management Board have commended the actions of the POA and on behalf of the POA; Steve wishes to place on record his thanks and commends all of the members in this area for their hard work and professionalism in making this momentous day a great success and a credit to the POA.  Further reports will be forthcoming.

Dean Acaster would like to place on record his thanks to all the branches in the South East area for their support today 30th November. All branches have complied with the NEC instructions and consulted with management around health and safety issues. Branches held meetings this morning and have meetings planned for lunch time. Without your support and that of your members we would not have been able to make NOMS listen to our serious concerns around the protection of everybody’s health and safety.

The support that has been shown in the fight to protect our pensions is pleasing to the Executive. We must all continue to challenge Ministers and MP’s in all forums we can.

Thank you again, yours in unity

Steve Baines would like to place on record his thanks to all those branches in the North West who conducted themselves in a totally professional manner under difficult circumstances this morning. 

Your efforts ensured that your branches were fully briefed before our members entered the workplace and that sufficient contingences plans were put in place at your establishments, to protect both your membership and prisoners in your care. 

The POA will continue to support the TUC actions in relation to the attacks on our pensions and the amount of POA members due to attend the rallies in the North West is impressive.  Let us remember this is the first day of TUC action and it may need more efforts in the future to secure a fair deal on our pensions.

Finance Officer Pete Chapple would like to place on record his appreciation and thanks to all those POA members and branches that have stood in solidarity whilst protecting their health and safety.

He would also like to pass on special thanks to the members and committee at Bullwood Hall, who may only be a small branch, but the spirit of trade unionism is alive and well.

The members in the Secure Hospitals deserve our total admiration for the successful strike action they have taken today.

Today has been a successful day for the POA and its members, long may that spirit live on.
Let us just hope that the draconian Coalition Government that purports to lead this great nation of ours, now actually listens to its hard working public servants.

POA Inverness Branch outside Danny Alexander – MP constituency office


POA Branch Members – Ashworth Special Hospital


POA Members – HMP Liverpool


POA Members at Rampton start their day of strike action in protests over the Governments proposals on pension reforms.