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| 29.11.2011

Strike Action in Secure Hospitals

Leaders of the POA have today congratulated their members who work in the most difficult and demanding environments within the NHS, following their decision to take strike action on the 30th November 2011 in protest over the Governments proposals on pension reform.

Members at Ashworth, Broadmoor, Carstairs and Rampton despite the anti-trade-union legislation voted in favour of strike action.

Steve Bostock National Vice Chairman of the POA and Chair of the National Committee for Secure Health Care Services said;

“I am very proud of my colleagues who work in the High Secure Hospitals in England and Scotland.  These members care for and protect the public from the most dangerous and damaged people in society.  For these professional people to take industrial action proves that the Governments proposals on pensions are a step too far”.

Peter McParlin National Chairman of the POA said;

“The membership in the High Secure Hospitals have acted professionally in ensuring the public remain safe and the patients in their charge are cared for whilst they are on strike on the 30th November 2011.  The TUC day of action will see thousands of public sector workers protesting over the Governments proposals on pension reform. I hope this Government and its advisors take note of the strength of feeling amongst the workforce and reach an amicable settlement to avoid further disruption”.


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