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News | 30.03.2011

Latest images of POA members attending TUC Rally

It was a privilege to attend the Rally in Central London organised by the TUC to demonstrate against the Comprehensive Spending review and Budget Cuts which will result in the loss of thousands of jobs, attacks on our pensions and a 2-year pay freeze for anyone in the public sector earning more than £21,000.

The POA was well represented by members from across England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland with around 600+ members marching in solidarity with other trades unionists. 

I believed that there were in excess of half a million people marching through the streets of London; whether this Conservative led Coalition Government takes note of the feelings of trade union members is something that we will have to wait and see.  During the Rally, members of the POA conducted a straw poll of more than 1000 trade union members asking the following questions:

Q1    Do you believe that there could be alternatives to the CSR and Budget Cuts? 
A1    100 % of those surveyed said YES

Q2    Do you agree that the TUC needs to do more to protect public sector services and jobs? 
A2    99.5% of those surveyed said YES

Q3    Do you agree that the TUC should unite all the affiliated unions to campaign to stop the attacks on pensions? 
A3    100% of those surveyed said YES

Q4    Do you believe that prisons work?
A4    91% of those surveyed said YES

Q5    Do you agree that prisons and all public services should not be run for profit? 
A5    96% of those surveyed said YES

We have downloaded some photos from the Rally and if you or your branch have got any pictures which you would like uploading, will you please supply them with a short commentary of around a 100 words and forward them to Brian McMahon at Cronin House – email address



I was absolutely delighted to be on the march for the alternative and very impressed at the turnout from POA members and their families.

This was one of the biggest marches and rallies the trade union movement has seen for some time.  Some commentators put the crowd between 400,000 and 600,000.  The Coalition Conservative Government can play it down as a simple protest and carry on with their destructive policies, but I think privately they will be concerned about the growing opposition to the cuts.  Remember public sector workers did not cause the deficit nor indeed a global recession.  The greedy banks, spivs and speculators caused most of it by their recklessness.

There is an alternative to the cuts.  A Robin Hood tax on the banks tightens up the loopholes on tax avoidance, reduce unemployment with meaningful jobs, which will stimulate growth and the economy.  Invest in public services and stop attempting to drive dividers between public sector workers and private sector workers.

The POA membership on the day at the rally were magnificent, but let us not forget the members who were working and could not get to the rally, but protested on the 26th March 2011, outside their establishments.

I am proud of the POA membership standing shoulder to shoulder in peaceful protest with fellow trade unionists, pensioners and students.  Times are going to be tough, but if we stand together as demonstrated on the 26th March 2011 we will come through together.

Thank you very much for your contribution to the event.

General Secretary



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