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H&S | 23.05.2013

TUC Health & Safety bulletins: 5 - Carcinogens stopping exposure

Dear Colleagues

Following the launch of the TUC Manifesto for Health and Safety – Time for Change, the TUC are producing a series of 10 bulletins, one on each of the 10 points on the manifesto. These will go into more detail than the main document and will also highlight some of the key research which underpins their case.

The fifth is now attached in addition to the others so far and covers carcinogens – stopping exposure.


Yours sincerely


Joe Simpson
Assistant Secretary

Time for Change Bulletin 5 - Carcinogens.pdf

pdf, 350.4K, 23/05/13, 37 downloads

Time for Change Bulletin 3 - Occupational Diseases.pdf

pdf, 332.1K, 27/03/13, 47 downloads

Time for Change Bulletin 2.pdf

pdf, 341.8K, 07/03/13, 53 downloads

Inspections bulletin.docx

docx, 229.3K, 22/02/13, 63 downloads