POA Circulars

18 Mar 14 CIRCULAR 31

Recruitment and retention

The Executive are fully aware of the problems associated with staff shortfalls across the prison estate as a result of the 2 year recruitment freeze imposed by the Co-alition Government. These problems have been exacerbated as a result of VEDís and staff leaving the service.

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18 Mar 14 CIRCULAR 30

"Facilities management and estates competition"

The NEC have challenged NOMS in respect of an internal Q and A which identified that OSGís working in the Stores Department at HMP Chelmsford would be subject to TUPE under the provisions of the above.

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18 Mar 14 CIRCULAR 29

NEC minutes 26th February 2014

Please find attached NEC minutes for the 12th February 2014, for your information.

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18 Mar 14 CIRCULAR 28

OASys Assessments

The NEC need to establish the number of outstanding OASys assessments in each establishment. There is an urgent need for this information as failure to complete these documents represents a significant risk to the organisation and public safety.

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18 Mar 14 CIRCULAR 27

Book of condolence for Bob Crow

A Book of Condolence for Bob has been set up in the reception at Unity House (39 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD), or people can leave a message online on the RMT website: http://www.rmt.org.uk/bob-crow/

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17 Mar 14 CIRCULAR 26

POA Rally and Lobby of Parliament on 19th March 2014

Arrangements for the POA march and rally in London on the 19th March 2014 are progressing well. This Circular is to provide members with further details of the march element of the dayís events.

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14 Mar 14 CIRCULAR 25

POA pay tribute to Tony Benn

Please find attached POA Press Release for your information.

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13 Mar 14 CIRCULAR 24

Question to Prison's Minister

Following the close of Annual Conference 2013, members have requested the response from the Prisonís Minister to the questions raised by delegates at that Annual Conference.

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12 Mar 14 CIRCULAR 23

Bob Crow RMT General Secretary

I am sure many members will be aware of the sudden death of Bob Crow RMT General Secretary, which was widely reported in the media yesterday.

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10 Mar 14 CIRCULAR 22

Changes to Crown Eligibility Threshold

The provisions contained within the POA Legal Aid Scheme have had to be extended to facilitate the revised criteria for applications in respect of Crown Court Legal Aid.

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