POA Circulars

09 Aug 13 CIRCULAR 127

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Result - Workplace Ballot

Following the promulgation of Branch Secretary Circular 21/2013, eligible branches in England and Wales conducted a workplace ballot.

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06 Aug 13 CIRCULAR 126

Annual Conference Motion 65

ACM 65/2013 called for a full review of assaults in the secure hospital and prison estate.

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02 Aug 13 CIRCULAR 125

Burston School Strike Rally

Since 1983, an annual Rally has been held in Burston Village to commemorate and celebrate the struggles that took place in the village in the first half of the 20th Century. The Burston Strike ran from 1914 until 1939 and is recorded as the longest strike in history.

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29 Jul 13 CIRCULAR 124

Assaults on POA members by prisoners

With assaults on our members constantly running at 3,000 per year for the last decade, I thought it essential to reiterate our position and indeed the legal guidance on “Offences by Prisoners” that the Crown Prosecution Service issued in 2008 to their prosecutors.

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27 Jul 13 CIRCULAR 123

NEC Minutes 10th July 2013

Please find attached NEC minutes for the 10th July 2013.

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25 Jul 13 CIRCULAR 122

Incidents and violence in prisons

On the 24th July 2013 the NEC once again debated the recent incidents in prisons, which has led to staff suspensions, injuries and acts of indiscipline.

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24 Jul 13 CIRCULAR 121

Trades Union Congress 2013

Following the Special Delegates Conference in March 1996, the National Executive Committee informed delegates that they would be seeking nominations annually from the field for attendance at the Trades Union Congress.

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24 Jul 13 CIRCULAR 120

Benchmarking: Stage 6 Reports Protocol of engagement

As promulgated in POA Circular 97/2013 a Protocol of Engagement was agreed between NOMS and the POA with the intention of enabling Branch Officials in establishments who are presently subject to Phase 1 of Efficiency Benchmarking to review and subsequently challenge the Stage 6 reports for their establishments.

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24 Jul 13 CIRCULAR 119

National Chairman Annual Leave 29th July - 5th August

During my absence on annual leave, between the 29th July to 5th August 2013 inclusive, Mr Ralph Valerio will cover my duties and exercise the authority of the Chairman.

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23 Jul 13 CIRCULAR 118

Membership benefits

Please see attached the latest offer available to POA members and their families from Voice Mobile.

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