POA Circulars

23 Aug 13 CIRCULAR 137

Closure of Linden House

Due to staff absences, it has been decided to close Linden House from Tuesday, 27th August to Friday, 30th August 2013.

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20 Aug 13 CIRCULAR 136

Police Credit Union

You will, no doubt, have seen over the last few weeks the high level of media coverage about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s views on pay day lenders and credit unions. The POA and the Police Credit Union share many of those views and as such are hoping to raise the profile of Credit Unions and the help they can offer our members, families and colleagues.

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16 Aug 13 CIRCULAR 135

Recount of workplace ballot in respect of the Memorandum of Understanding

Following the promulgation of POA Circulars 127/2013, 128/2013 and 130/2013, and the concerns that were brought to the attention of the National Executive Committee in respect of the national return, the scrutineers and tellers have conducted a recount and verified the ballot result.

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16 Aug 13 CIRCULAR 134

Save the NHS demonstration

On the 29th September 2013, the TUC have organised a mass demonstration at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester to Save the NHS.

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16 Aug 13 CIRCULAR 133

NSSN Demonstration at the TUC Annual Congress - Bournemouth

Please be advised that the National Shop Stewards Network has organised a demonstration and march at the TUCs Annual Congress in Bournemouth on Sunday, 8th September 2013 at 12.30 to 14.30.

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15 Aug 13 CIRCULAR 132

Provision of Faculty Time

Following the reduction in paid time off for Trade Union duties in April this year, The National Executive Committee have been monitoring the situation at Local and National Level.

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15 Aug 13 CIRCULAR 131

Benchmarking: Phase One Prisons

Following the decision of the membership for the Union to remain engaged in the Benchmark process, the National Executive Committee have looked to develop strategies and procedures to assist local branch officials.

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14 Aug 13 CIRCULAR 130

Recount of Workplace Ballot in respect of the Memorandum of Understanding

Following the promulgation of POA Circular 127/2013, a recount of the national returns has been conducted by the scrutineers and tellers today at Cronin House.

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13 Aug 13 CIRCULAR 129

Election 2013: Election Result NECx1

Please find attached the Certificate of Result from Electoral Reform Services.

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12 Aug 13 CIRCULAR 128

Workplace Ballot - Memorandum of Understanding

On 9th August 2013 the unions scrutineers and tellers counted the branch returns in respect of the above and POA Circular 127/2013 was published.

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