POA Circulars

12 Nov 13 CIRCULAR 167

Use of social media

It has been drawn to the attention of the Executive that more and more staff are facing disciplinary action following comments/postings on social media sites.

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05 Nov 13 CIRCULAR 166

Women's Estate

The POA have requested a meeting with NOMS to discuss the rationale of the Women's Estate Review.

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04 Nov 13 CIRCULAR 165

HMP Maidstone

Following the incident of Concerted Indiscipline at HMP Maidstone, the POA will fully cooperate with the investigation that will follow the deployment of NTRG teams and the opening of gold command.

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30 Oct 13 CIRCULAR 164

High Security & Security Policy Whitley Minutes - 24th June 2013

Following the adoption of Annual Conference Motion 33/2012, please find attached a copy of the agreed High Security & Security Policy Whitley minutes from the 24th September 2013.

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29 Oct 13 CIRCULAR 163

POA Conference - Tuesday 13th May - Thursday 15th May 2014

The Annual Conference for 2014 is scheduled to be held on the above dates at Southport Theatre & Convention Centre and will be of a THREE day duration.

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25 Oct 13 CIRCULAR 162

Risk assessments and safe systems of work

The National Executive Committee has received reports from the field that some Governors are not producing suitable and sufficient risk assessments when implementing the benchmark profiles.

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25 Oct 13 CIRCULAR 161

Detached Duty

The decision to allow 2,000 staff to leave on VEDS, to close a further 4 prisons without planned new accommodation being available to use has resulted in members being required to undertake detached duty.

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25 Oct 13 CIRCULAR 160

Equality Advisory Committee - Vacancies

At present, there are seven vacancies on the Equality Advisory Committee, due to resignations and an increase in the committee by four members.

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17 Oct 13 CIRCULAR 159

Parliamentary More Questions In The House Of Commons

In the House of Commons today, during Business Questions, Ian Lavery, MP, raised the following question regarding the prison population and low staffing levels in establishments, as well as the potential consequences:

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16 Oct 13 CIRCULAR 158

Reforming Criminal Legal Aid

The Ministry of Justice is consulting again on reforming criminal legal aid, having retreated from its original proposals that restricted client choice of law firms by selecting them on the basis of price.

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