POA Circulars

03 May 13 CIRCULAR 67

Annual & Special Delegates Conferences 2013: Delegates' telephone number

Delegates to Annual Conference are advised the telephone number for Conference week is 0151 934 2409.

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03 May 13 CIRCULAR 66

Issue of contracts to PSPRB staff groups - common themes

Following the issuing of the new contracts for staff on promotion or re-grade who fall within the Prison Service Pay Review Body Remit Group the following common issues and questions have been raised that require clarification.

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01 May 13 CIRCULAR 65

POA Facebook Site

Late in 2012, the NEC approved and commissioned our IT specialists to establish a POA Facebook site.

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01 May 13 CIRCULAR 64

NEC Elections 2013: NEC x 4

POA Circular 27/2013 promulgated the timetable for the above election. This Circular confirms the administrative arrangements, dealing with the following issues.

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30 Apr 13 CIRCULAR 63

Attendance Management - PSO 8404

The Department advised the NEC on the 18th April 2013 that they intend to address the policies appertaining to Attendance Management.

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30 Apr 13 CIRCULAR 62

New ways of working (Public Sector Benchmark) reports:- Efficiency Benchmarking (EB) Stage 5,6 and 7

In addition to the information provided under POA Circulars 47 and 55 of 2013, please find an update for your members. I would like to remind local officials to revisit Branch Secretary Circular 8/2013 and complete the pro-forma if they have not done so.

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26 Apr 13 CIRCULAR 61

Annual Conference 2013

The NEC had determined to convene a Special Delegates Conference on Monday 13th May 2013, to deal with a single motion.

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26 Apr 13 CIRCULAR 60

PSPRB Recommendations for 2013/2014

Following the Government’s decision to introduce the recommendations from the PSPRB in respect of pay and allowances for 2013/14. The Executive have been in correspondence with the Chair of the PSPRB to seek clarification on a number of issues.

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25 Apr 13 CIRCULAR 59

NEC Minutes: 10th & 11th April 2013

Please find attached NEC minutes for the 10th & 11th April 2013, for your information.

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25 Apr 13 CIRCULAR 58

Prison Service Pay Review Body Recommendations: Result - Workplace Ballot

Following the promulgation of Branch Secretary Circular 10/2013, eligible branches in England and Wales conducted a workplace ballot.

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