POA Circulars

24 May 13 CIRCULAR 87

Legal Aid is Changing

At this year’s Annual Conference the Executive set out some of the changes which will come into force under the Lord Jackson Review and how the Union are dealing with these.

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23 May 13 CIRCULAR 86

Revised Rules and Constitution 2013

In accordance with the Policy of the Union please find attached a copy of the revised Rules and Constitution post Conference 2013.

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23 May 13 CIRCULAR 85

Consultative Committees

Following the imposition of the Facilities Document by NOMS on behalf of the Government the Executive discussed the above at its meeting on the 23rd May 2013.

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23 May 13 CIRCULAR 84

Closure of POA Branches

Following the decision of the Government and NOMS to close the following prisons; HMP Bullwood Hall, HMP Camphill, HMP Canterbury, HMP Gloucester, HMP Shepton Mallet, HMP Shrewsbury and HMP Kingston the Executive determined to keep these branches open until after Conference 2013.

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23 May 13 CIRCULAR 83

NEC Structures and Election Timetable

In order to comply with Conference Paper Three, the other Conference Papers and Rule changes which were agreed at the 2013 Annual Conference, the NEC determined the following;

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23 May 13 CIRCULAR 82

National Executive Committee x 1 2013

Following the acceptance of Conference Paper Three and the revised NEC structure and election procedures, the National Executive Committee on the 23rd May 2013 determined that the following procedures and timetable would be implemented.

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23 May 13 CIRCULAR 81

NOMS Redundancy Agreement 2011

In response to Conference Motions 96 and 97 of this years Annual Conference, the NEC agreed to promulgate the above document to all members having had Thompsons consider the contents.

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23 May 13 CIRCULAR 80

Financial Matters and Employment Rights Act 1993-AR21

The Trade Union Reform and Employment Rights Act 1993 require us to provide the membership with certain information about our accounts and finances.

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22 May 13 CIRCULAR 79

Surplus Staff

It has been drawn to the attention of the National Executive that NOMS are considering moving non mobile surplus staff as part of new benchmarking profiles, to date there has been no consultation on this issue at national level.

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20 May 13 CIRCULAR 78

Election 2013 - Election Result - NEC x4

Please find attached the Certificate of Result from Electoral Reform Services.

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